Output record EuroSchal for Windows



Several fromwork systems, also independent from manufacturer

Navigator bar, switch active/not active

Incamparable input of ground plan and numbers by mouse

-help functions at wall input

-wall length changeable, delete wall, lay down standard wall thickness

Devide, change and delete pours

-choose pour sequence at will

-imaginge one side shuttering

Base steps, positive,  negative, edit, delete

-choose wall height individual

Maximal panel width, lay down for every wall

Choose corner settings, outer corner, universal panel

Stipulate wall connection

-for parallel

-for perpendicular

-any wall connection you like

Input openings with air-raid doors for Switzerland

Multiple panel heights, vertical and horizontal formwork panels

-fix formwork rules for every user

Optimum shuttering with or without joint grid

Shutter with stock only, with or without joint grid

-ascerain deficit

Material list

-insert company logo
-with unit prices of formwork
-time for forming and dismanteling
-row order changeable, insert company logo
-book from main store
-change manual, add elements
Pour info, shutter surface, formwork panel surface, oncrete volume, running meter concrtete wall, utilization, weight, time for forming and dismanteling, wall height, single positions active,  not active

Measurement wall list, also in pours

2D elevation

-also for printing

-manual change of formwork panels

Store manager

-panel filter function
-import/export of stock lists
-transfer material list
-create, transfer, delete any building site stock you like
-record stock, change article numbers, free choice of panel colour
-print stockt lists
-stock list, row order changeable, insert company logo
- stock statistics, formwork elements, accessories, weight
Standard setting of formwork rules can be adapted to your own request

Printing or plotting, adjust ground plan on sheet

-with scale wallpaper print automatically (stick several sheets together)

-batch output, print material, ground plan, pour and stock lists one after the other

DXF-import or export (to take over ground plan from architect s CAD)

Put in text boxes, also material lists

Add graphic boxes and pictures, also drawn to scale (*.WMF, *.BMP)

Mearurement manual changeable, also more scale lines possible

Instructions. In case of shuttering problems help texts are automatically shown and the part in the ground plan is marked optically

Creating hire and purchase offers (formwork dealer, formwork hiring)


Update contract , annually 10 % of the price


1 Update, next higher version


EuroSchal demo version ( for free download )


Planmanager (gratis for customers with update contract)


Shutter ceiling (introduction at the Bauma fair 98)


Requirement definition: IBM compatible PC from 486s or higher and Windows 7,8,10, Printer or Plotter

Legend:   )  available against additionl charge     standard equipment   D  not possible